Any lawyer can spend dollars on empty advertising promises, even - or especially - when they don't have the expertise, experience, or work ethic to back it up. Eiva Law does not put advertising resources into trying to convince others how good we are. Consequently, you won't find our firm at the top of Google search results for personal injury lawyers, on a billboard, on the side of a bus, or on late-night television ads.

This is for one simple reason: At Eiva Law, we choose to focus on what matters - earning our cases, and our wins, through dedication to true expertise. Our business comes to us as a result of a well-earned reputation in the legal community through those efforts.

photo of Travis Eiva
Beth Eiva, Managing Attorney and Travis Eiva, Trial Attorney

The Eiva Law firm is built in the mold of a “lawyer’s law firm.” That is, our reputation causes other lawyers to seek us out to partner, associate, or refer their large or complex tort, personal injury, and insurance cases. We are proud that many of our cases come from lawyers entrusting their clients, friends, and families to us, not from ambulance-chasing solicitations or empty promises of justice on the internet, billboards, or on TV.

photo of Alia Williams
Alia Williams, Attorney

Eiva Law’s principal trial attorney, Travis Eiva, has obtained multi-million-dollar jury verdicts. He regularly settles six and seven-figure cases. He also has a successful appellate practice in which he appears before the Oregon Supreme Court, the Oregon Court of Appeals, and the 9th Circuit multiple times a year. He has prevailed on cases involving important and ground-breaking issues in professional malpractice, personal injury, insurance law, and constitutional law. Mr. Eiva’s prevailing appellate cases are often considered the lead cases on the issues that they address.

photo of Helene Montgomery
Helene Montgomery, Legal Assistant

Travis Eiva is often called upon by professional lawyer organizations to give educational presentations to other lawyers on emerging legal concepts or “how-to’s” on sophisticated strategies to navigate case complexities. At the invitation of the Oregon State Bar, he recently co-authored a new chapter in the bar organization’s Constitutional Law book, which lawyers throughout the state use to understand Oregon’s Constitution. He regularly authors articles in professional and academic law publications about new developments or cutting-edge interpretations of Oregon law. Almost every day of the week, Oregon attorneys call Travis for advice on complex issues in their cases.

photo of Wendy Jo
Wendy Jo Craigmiles, Paralegal

Mr. Eiva served on Oregon’s Council on Court Procedures for two consecutive terms. The council is Oregon’s quasi-legislative body made up of judges and a small handful of select trial attorneys to amend and pass the procedural laws that govern Oregon trial courts. He currently serves on the Oregon Rules of Appellate Procedure committee, which is made up of a select group of Oregon appellate attorneys and judges to advise the Oregon Supreme Court on the laws of procedure that govern Oregon’s appellate courts.

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