When Eiva Law agrees to take on a case, the client can expect a sophisticated and expert approach to advance the law and facts toward a fair and just result.

photo of Travis Eiva
Travis Eiva, Trial Attorney


Very few law offices understand the complexity of Oregon law like Eiva Law. How the law may affect each case is different. Whether the legal questions of a case involve constitutional, common law, statutory, evidentiary, or insurance issues, our office knows how to meet those questions in every stage of the case (from initial investigation through trial and appeal).

For that reason, numerous out-of-state firms associate and partner with Eiva Law to navigate their Oregon cases. Likewise, many Oregon law firms repeatedly and routinely come to Eiva Law to take on the complex legal questions in their cases. Eiva Law helps these firms prevail again and again in legal motions, settlements, trials, and appeals.

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Beth Eiva, Managing Attorney


Beyond expertise in the specifics of Oregon law, the attorneys at Eiva Law understand how to analyze and interpret the factual forensics of every case. Eiva Law works with some of the best investigators in the State of Oregon for conducting witness interviews and gathering case evidence.

Eiva Law works with crash and accident reconstruction experts related to industrial, motor vehicle, bicycle, and commercial injuries and deaths. We work with experts in engineering, forestry, industrial safety, exercise science, event planning, recreational safety, fire prevention, weather monitoring, gas explosions, and other sciences. We also work with insurance experts in underwriting, adjusting, and agency obligations to make sure that insurance companies and their agents always act in good faith toward their insureds and pay fair amounts when their insured is injured.

photo of Helene Montgomery
Helene Montgomery, Legal Assistant

Eiva Law attorneys work with expert medical professionals to thoroughly understand our clients’ medical circumstances.

Eiva Law has proven again and again its ability to evaluate the forensics on any case involving injury or death to understand what went wrong and what should have been done differently.

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