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Workplace Injuries

workplace injury lawyersMany construction and industrial workers in Oregon face job site risks of serious workplace injury or even death. Workers may be exposed to dangers from industrial equipment, heavy machinery, or high-powered tools. Some workers are exposed to dangers because of the location of the job next to high-speed traffic, inside confined spaces, or high up on platforms, roofs, or scaffolding. And, there are workers who face dangers because of exposure to electricity, fire, harmful chemicals, or heavy materials like lumber or steel beams.

A major problem on many construction and industrial job sites with these dangers is that they involve multiple parties focusing on different aspects of the job. There are general contractors, developers, architects, material suppliers and haulers, and subcontractors. With different parties performing different tasks right next to one another the coordination of safety measures becomes critical. Too often that coordination is ignored and innocent workers are needlessly hurt or killed by the carelessness of others.

Despite these dangers there have been many advances to protect workers in equipment safety, best practices, and safety laws and regulations. When the job site is managed appropriately to make sure that those measures are followed between the different parties, then the workers stay healthy and at the end of a long day they can return home to their families. When they are not followed, a worker may suffer death or a life-altering injury that can leave his or her family facing the loss of a breadwinner, unpaid medical bills, and other profound harms.

If you or someone you care about was involved in a serious construction or industrial accident, it is critical that you promptly hire a the right attorney to investigate what happened. You must do this early, because the numerous parties involved and the constantly changing conditions on the job site can cause evidence to be altered, lost and destroyed. Second, you cannot trust the OSHA investigation to be enough. OSHA normally does not investigate the scene to determine whether the worker has a claim against a non-employer such as another general contractor, subcontractor, or some other responsible party. OSHA investigations generally are limited to only whether the worker’s direct employer violated an OSHA regulation, and the responsibility of others to the worker may be ignored.

Workplace Injury Lawyers

At Eiva Law, we know the laws that must be followed to protect workers from needless harm and can determine whether they have been violated. We have the experience needed to investigate all details of the accident to determine what happened and the who was responsible. Unlike many firms, we have experience built on actually having tried and settled high-value cases on behalf of injured workers in the construction, logging, and trucking industries.

If you have any questions and would like to speak with us regarding a construction or industrial site accident or injury, please call 541-636-7480. There is no charge for an initial consultation.