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Truck Accident AttorneysA trucking or bussing accident is overwhelming. They almost always involve horrible losses or even fatalities. If you or a family member has been involved in such a collision you may be facing profound financial and physical burdens. On top of that, insurance companies, investigators, and bill collectors may be calling and asking questions that you may not understand or are simply unable to deal with in light of all of the injuries suffered. In these circumstances expert legal counsel can help you navigate the many new stresses that have been placed on your life and can help you obtain a substantial recovery to manage and even overcome these new burdens. The truck accident attorney of Eiva Law is here for you and your family.

When looking for counsel there are two things you must consider. First, you must find legal counsel immediately. There are very serious issues that must be dealt with right after a trucking and bussing accident to protect the claim. Evidence is disappearing quickly. Your truck accident attorney needs to start investigating the accident as soon as possible. Second, you cannot just call any attorney. You must find truck accident attorneys who actually have the experience and expertise to handle an accident involving a large commercial vehicle.

Real Experience.


Real Experience.
Many law firms that advertise themselves as trucking and bussing accident attorneys do not actually have the experience or expertise to take on these very serious and complex claims. You need to separate the wheat from the chaff. When looking for truck accident attorneys make sure you ask the law firm how many trucking and bussing accident claims have they actually brought on behalf of injured persons. Make sure that you ask them what makes them an expert in these type of cases.

Trucking and bussing accident cases involve heavily regulated industries, wholly different machinery, and sophisticated corporate defendants. They can involve complicated insurance issues, serious legal traps that if not protected against can allow the trucking or bussing company to escape responsibility, investigations covering numerous states, thousands and thousands of documents to review, and a corporate opponent that will have investigators and attorneys working to destroy an injured person’s claims within minutes of the collision. There are many essential and unique steps that only an expert attorney knows to do.

Real Results.


By choosing Eiva Law to represent you or a family member on a large commercial vehicle case, you will be represented by legal counsel who know how to take care of your claim from day one. You will have experienced counsel who have been involved in obtaining six and seven figure recoveries for persons horribly injured by commercial vehicles. You will have counsel who has experience in complex trucking litigation against multiple companies. You will have counsel who has used motions practice to change zero offer cases into high value settlements. You will have counsel who has overcome legal traps in these cases where most attorneys fail. You will have counsel that knows how to navigate the complex insurance rules, state, and federal laws governing big rig and other commercial vehicle industries. Let the truck accident attorney at Eiva Law help you navigate your claim.

Oregon’s Truck Accident Attorneys

At Eiva Law you will have legal counsel who possess the expertise and experience necessary for you and your family to obtain just compensation for your losses. Please call and we will set up an appointment.

Eiva Law is a Eugene, Oregon based personal injury law firm. We are dedicated to helping clients statewide receive the compensation they need to take care of themselves and loved ones after suffering a serious injury caused by the wrongful conduct of others.